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Ladder Safety Specialists

Specialists in Ladder Safety Devices including Ladder Stabilisers and Ladder Belts

Where Quality and Innovation Connect

Established in 1983, Ladderfix is renowned for Ladder Safety solutions and Ladder Safety Devices. In compliance with latest HSE guidelines we supply a wide range of discerning clients, including HM Government, British Telecom, British Gas, BSkyB and many local authorities.

Ladderfix Ladder Safety products include - Ladder Stabilisers, Ladder Belts and the remarkable purpose built D wheel. This ingenious, patented wheel is specially designed to grip in all directions giving unprecedented levels of Ladder Safety. These wheels roll smoothly up the wall during ladder extension, helping to keep ladders under control. Uniquely, they have an anti roll square core and with a userís weight at the top of the ladder they flatten against the wall or roof, dramatically increasing their anti-skid properties.

Ladderfix Ladder Safety offers a broad portfolio of Ladder Safety Devices including the Microlite - a stand off allowing unique roof access, the Lighting Collar-which secures ladders to any column and the Safety Base-providing an even anti-slip footing. Our Ladder Safety Devices and products including Ladder Stabilisers and Ladder Belts are easy to use and extremely cost effective.

Falls from height are a common cause of fatal injury, with overreaching, overbalancing, misuse of equipment, unexpected movement and the failure of a fragile surface being the main culprits. Human error cannot always be accounted for and guarded against; ladder safety is not an absolute. However it is possible to virtually eliminate the risk of injury by utilising the right equipment, and no company within the UK has done more to develop and manufacture such Ladder Safety Devices as Ladderfix. With the new regulations concerning working at height, Ladderfix will help solve your safety problems and working requirements.



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