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The D Wheel

The D Wheel is a purpose built ladder wheel, exclusively researched and patented by Ladderfix, that uniquely grips in all directions providing unprecedented levels of safety.

  • Ladders instantly secure at the top before climbing up
  • Easy extension. D Wheels roll smoothly keeping ladders safely under control
    when extending
  • Wheels v Buffers. When ladders without wheels are climbed on, ordinary top buffers skid up and down, losing grip in all directions. As in ABS braking, wheels will retain
    grip by rolling instead
  • Extra grip. D Wheels are softer and achieve much more grip than is possible for general purpose wheels but are still made to roll and steer easily under heavy loads
  • Anti-skid and anti-roll square core. Unlike ordinary free rolling wheels, D Wheels do not make ground slip easier When someone is near the top, D wheels conform to the hardsquare core. The rocking action is both anti-skid and anti-roll

The D Wheel Assembly

The D Wheel Assembly is a straight forward way of enjoying the unique benefits of the outstanding D wheel.

  • Permanent fixture. D Wheel Assembly bolts onto a ladder and is left in place removing the risk of non implementation
  • Saves time. No fitting, removing or enforcing
  • Easy handling. Ladder closes completey. No bulky outriggers.Ideal in any confined positions
  • Fits aluminum, glass fibre and timber ladders. All popular
    makes and classes
  • Initial fitting is simple. Four nuts and bolts on each stile to be attached by a competent person. Tools required for drilling and securing nuts and bolts